[ BAND ] member

Player   Ko Kanegae 
Visual mix   Takashi Kawasaki

Organizer   Tsubasa Yamoto
Hair&Makeup/Body art   Satomi Kudoh
Costume  Mami Itoh
Track maker   Hisayuki Ishikura(knitting & a scene)
Sound crew   Yumi Sakurai
Production staff   Misato Yasuda

Assistant   Mao Chishiro



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​Team concept

BAND: The Team with members who has the same vision and belief.

Founded by Ko Kanegae (actor), Takashi Kawasaki(film creator or director) and organizer, TsubasaYamoto.

Mr. Kanegae and Kawasaki will share their idea each other, and It'll inspire Mr. Ishikura to create music part,

then performance part and films will be built along with his music.

Also Mr.Kudo leads visual part with Kanegae,

all parts are created by those experiments and sessions.

we are hoping to do our live session with conbination of movie and music, like the "jazz" improvisation.

(Organiser Yamoto)



Sword battle × Video effects

Payer  Ko Kanegae[ BAND ]
Visual mix  Takashi Kawasaki[ BAND ]

Organizer     Tsubasa Yamoto[ BAND ]
Hair Makeup/Body Art     Satomi Kudos
Sound editor   Hisayuki Ishikura (knitting & a scene)

Guest Masahiro Yamamoto